Las Vegas

Go Forth and Multiply, Cupcake ATM

Remember our post about the world’s first Cupcake dispensing ATM? It was located in Beverly Hills, California outside of a Sprinkles Cupcake store.

The Los Angeles suburb of Beverly Hills has long been known as the home of ritzy Rodeo Drive shopping, by-the-book police officers and the country’s most famous zip code. Yet the cupcake ATM managed to grab its own share of the spotlight. The machine made cameo television appearances, including on TMZ, The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and The Today Show. And it proved a huge hit across the spectrum of Beverly Hills residents, from celebrities to soccer moms and stoners (and travel bloggers). It was even the location of a wedding proposal!

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Museums for Orphaned Letters

One day you’re in. The next day you’re out.

Heidi Klum’s golden rule of Project Runway fashion is also the reality for the characters that comprise signs. One day you are an L or an R proudly pointing the way towards an attraction along with your fellow letters. The next day you are discarded.

Usually old signs end up in landfills or incinerators. But an especially lucky, and especially artistic, few have their letters go on display in museums. There people look at them not for any direction they can provide but for the works of art that they are.

Here’s a review of Spot Cool Stuff’s favorite unusual typography museums:

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The Barry ManiLOVE Store

When it’s time to do a special something for your special some one forget about giving yet another set of shedding flowers and stale chocolates. Spot Cool Stuff recommends a fab new tactic d’amour: skip the Whitman’s sampler and use the cash to get you and your baby to Vegas. Because nothing says love like Barry Manilow, friends.

There’s a little ‘Copacabana’ at the core of every good love story (the passion! the danger! the ostrich feathers!). And thankfully, the Paris Las Vegas Casino & Resort knows it.

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Dine In The Sky

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! it’s . . . dinner?

For an experience that brings cuisine to new heights check out Dinner In The Sky. The Belgium-based company will hoist you and 21 guests up in a dinning platform for a gourmet meal. The hoisting is done by a giant crane!

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The Seven Wonders
of Las Vegas Pools

Grandiose casinos, towering hotels, enormous buffets, larger-than-life stage productions and extreme neon are not all Las Vegas takes to excess. The swimming pools of Sin City are outrageous in their size and opulence too. And they are an often overlooked joy of travel here. After a night of gambling, partying, taking in stage shows, drinking, more gambling and whatever else you did (we don’t want to know; or, at least you don’t have to tell us) there can be nothing better than relaxing and recovering by a Vegas pool. Here, in rank order, are our top seven selections:

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The Virtual Concierge Atop the Monte Carlo Resort

The Monte Carlo Hotel & Casino has, arguably, been the most underachieving property in Las Vegas. The hotel has a near-perfect location in the middle of The Strip, a superb theater space and one of Spot Cool Stuff’s favorite Vegas sports books and poker rooms. And yet the hotel has never generated much of a buzz or loyal following. Somehow the property falls into that lost space between being too expensive to be considered for budget accommodations and too bland to be considered luxurious.

The Hotel32 could change that . . sort of . . . maybe.

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Wedding Hells Are Ringing

Weddings are bliss but marriage is hell a saying goes. But some couples in Las Vegas are taking the opposite approach, indulging in their dark sides when they get hitched in the hopes that the rest of their lives will be wedded bliss, all rainbows and kittens.

Gothic weddings are the new in thing in Vegas.

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Rock Bottom Cheap Vegas Resorts
$12.50 a night! That’s how little it can cost to book a room in a Las Vegas resort when reserved through with their second night free deal Rock Bottom Cheap Vegas Resorts. Granted, that reservation was for two nights in the middle of the week booked five weeks in advance. Still, $12.50 a night! Even if those rooms were usually $30 to $40 that would be cheap for Vegas.
white Rock Bottom Cheap Vegas Resorts

The question is: What sort of experience do you get for that money? Is it high value or is it one of these you-get-what-you-pay-for situations? Are you looking for amenities like the free shows like the Treasure Island shows offered to their guest? To find out we went to the Las Vegas resorts with the three cheapest rates on the day we did our booking: the Palace Station, Fiesta Henderson and Boulder Station. Here’s what we found . . .

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