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Insect Shield Mosquito Repellent Travel Clothing

At best, a mosquito bite is an itchy annoyance. At worst, it can kill you (via malaria or any number of unpleasant inflections). In either case, being bit by a mosquito is sub-optimal.

When in a mosquito-infected area the single easiest preventive measure you can take—so easy that no spray, lotion or net is required—is this: wear Insect Shield clothing.

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June Travel Gear Deals

Normally our travel deals and discount posts relay sale prices on airline tickets, all-inclusive resorts, cruises and the like. But today we are concentrating on the stuff you’ll need to travel on airlines, to stay at resorts and to enjoy cruises.

As ever, you can get the latest from Spot Cool Stuff by subscribing to our RSS feed and having our travel articles delivered directly to your email inbox or to your RSS aggregator.

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1 Week. 1 Pair of Underwear.

We write these words while wearing a pair of underwear that we’ve had on for the last week. That’s more information than I wanted you are likely saying to yourself. But these are the lengths Spot Cool Stuff goes through to test products for our readers.

The underwear we are wearing, they are part of the Give-N-Go line by cool travel gear manufacturer ExOfficio.

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Spotting May 2010 Travel Bargains

Every month Spot Cool Stuff selects travel bargains for our readers. Here’s our collection for May 2010. As ever, you can see our latest bargains by . . .

• going directly to our travel hot deals page;

• or, getting a Kindle subscription to our travel blog;

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or—why not?—act on all three of those options.

Please note that all of the offers below are for a limited time. And with that, here’s to happy, high-value travel!

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The Essential, Pocket-full, Travel Jacket

For traveling Spot Cool Stuff loves clothes with pockets. Deep pockets that things won’t fall out of. Pockets with strong zippers where we can stash a passport, cash and credit cards knowing they will stay there securely.

Travel-worthy clothes with such pockets are hard to find, especially in woman’s fashions, which is why we are such fans of the clothes offerings from Scottevest.

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Airport Codes Made Fashionable

Spot Cool Stuff can get geeky when it comes to airport codes. Those three letter combinations unique to every airport, used on all manner of airline documents from tickets and checked bag tags, are familiar to every frequent air traveler. So it was only a matter of time before some one incorporated those codes into the design of travel gear.

That some one turned out to be Jason Solarek, a former journalist and diplomat in South America. Solarek apparently shares our love of airport codes because he’s made them central to his Airwear collection of products.

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7 Items for Reducing
Air Travel Frustration

Have you flown on a commercial flight recently? Ugh. Airlines are decreasing their level of service. Airports are increasing their level of security. Add to that delayed flights, crowded cabins and lost luggage and you have a recipe for frustration.

Spot Cool Stuff can’t do anything about the workings of the airline business. But we can recommend seven items that can help take some out of the stress out of air travel. Or at least help make the experience of it seem to go by faster.

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An Espresso Maker To Go, Please

What do a diamond and a shot of espresso have in common?

That’s no meant to be a bad joke. It’s a serious question. And the answer is: Both can only be made under pressure.

In the case of the shot of espresso the pressure is required to push hot water through densely packed ground coffee beans. Typically this requirement for pressurizing water has meant that effective espresso makers were relatively loud and large electric devices.

The Handpresso Wild, however, is not a typical espresso maker.

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