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iWaterproof Your iPod and iPhone

When Spot Cool Stuff travels with an iPod we always have it in a waterproof case, whether we plan to being near water or not. A case that protects an iPod from water also protects it from sand (which, we suspect, is a more common cause of iPod mortality than water is) and from everyday dust and grime. A good waterproof case will also protect an iPod from knocks and dings.

Not all waterproof iPod cases are created equal. In fact, most are inferior. Some are little more than glorified zip-lock bags—they’ll work okay at first, not so much after a few months. Other cases are prone to accidental opening, provide an obstructed view of the screen or make operating the iPod cumbersome.

Here’s our selection for the best waterproof iPod cases. Read on or click directly to the portion of the review that interests you:

iPod Nano (4rd generation) iTouch & iPhone
iPod Nano (3rd generation) iPod Armbands iPod Classic (6th generation) Waterproof Headphones

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On the Spot GPS Tracker and Satellite Messenger

Spot Cool Stuff has spotted The Spot. The Spot Satellite Messenger, that is. This rugged cell-phone sized device allows your friends and family to pinpoint your exact location while you are out on an adventure and allows you to signal for help should need it.

Here’s how it works:

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Inexpensive Travel Netbooks: Acer vs Asus

The Acer Aspire One and the Asus Eee PC each weigh only 3 pounds (1.3kg). Each are highly portable, as thin as a 450-page paperback book. And each have high-quality models that cost only $350. So which one should bring on your next trip? Read on . . .

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The Power Assisted Wheeled Suitcase
spot cool stuff TRAVEL

In the early days of commercial air travel people used those big trunks for their luggage, the ones that it took two people to carry. Then came the one-handle suitcase. Then the suitcase with wheels. And now comes the next step in of the evolutionary process: Live Luggage, a suitcase with power assisted wheels.

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High Design Passport Holder

Ruggedness and smart design meet in this passport holder from the Norwegian online store Dansk Design. The sleek stainless steel exterior keeps a passport safe from harm. But what’s really cool is the card slot — it’s located at the top of the passport holder making it easy to slide out your ID or credit card.

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Backpack <—> Scooter

In The Transformers robots from a distant planet mutate themselves into cars and then back into robots. That’s science fiction. But here’s something that’s real: the Bergmönch, a backpack that can transform into a scooter and then transform back again.

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The World’s Best Blanket For Airplane Travel

What’s the best blanket you can have on an airplane?

Hint: It isn’t the blanket the airlines lend to you. Or, used to lend to you. Several airlines have stopped offering blankets on their domestic flights. Of those airlines that still have blankets an increasing number are charging for you to use them!

So what is the best travel blanket. The answer is . . .

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Choice Vegas Guidebooks

Amazon has well over 2,000 guidebooks about Las Vegas. We haven’t read them all. But we’ve read portions of many. And of those the one we’d suggest to you would depend on how well you already know Vegas, whether you have a Kindle ebook reading device, and whether or not you are heading to Sin City with a group of your male friends hoping that whatever you do in Vegas does, in fact, stay there.

Our Vegas guidebook selections:

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