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Rock Bottom Cheap Vegas Resorts
$12.50 a night! That’s how little it can cost to book a room in a Las Vegas resort when reserved through with their second night free deal Rock Bottom Cheap Vegas Resorts. Granted, that reservation was for two nights in the middle of the week booked five weeks in advance. Still, $12.50 a night! Even if those rooms were usually $30 to $40 that would be cheap for Vegas.
white Rock Bottom Cheap Vegas Resorts

The question is: What sort of experience do you get for that money? Is it high value or is it one of these you-get-what-you-pay-for situations? Are you looking for amenities like the free shows like the Treasure Island shows offered to their guest? To find out we went to the Las Vegas resorts with the three cheapest rates on the day we did our booking: the Palace Station, Fiesta Henderson and Boulder Station. Here’s what we found . . .

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4 High Design, High Value, South Beach Miami Hotels
Yes, there are high design Miami hotels that offer high value too. We’ve scoured the options and found four especially worthy. Looking for optimal funkiness? The Pelican Hotel is the choice. A beautiful beachfront location? The Townhouse. A pool and spa resort? The Standard. And if you want to be close to the South Beach scene while feeling far away there’s a Sanctuary for you. Read on for the full scoop . . .

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NYC’s Best Budget Boutique Hotel

Walk off of New York City’s Times Square and into the Room Mate Grace Hotel and here’s some of what you’ll see on the hotel’s ground floor: a stylish lobby, a sauna, a gym, a steam room and a pool with a swim-up bar. In the morning you’ll see guests enjoying the free continental breakfast. In the evening you’ll see a DJ spinning tunes in the hotel’s low-lit lounge.

You might think that the Room Mate Grace would be among New York’s top tier expensive hotels. You’d be wrong.

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Affordable, Yet Cool, Caribbean Accommodations

“Affordable” and “Caribbean” are not necessarily contradictions in terms.

To find cool hotels, relaxing beach resorts and luxurious bed and breakfasts in the Caribbean at an affordable price try these tips:

Look at the smaller establishments. They don’t get the press the big resorts do, but they sometimes provide much better value. A good Caribbean guidebook can be an invaluable friend in finding the high value hotel gems.

Check out the less developed areas. In Jamaica, for example, there are lots of great, inexpensive hotel and resort options outside of the major Negril, Ocho Rios and Montego Bay tourist centers.

Decide what’s most important to you and try to find a hotel without a lot of frills you won’t use. If you don’t care about using a spa, for example, you can save money by staying in a resort without one.

Shop around. A superb website for finding great deals on resorts, as well as on cruises and vacation packages, is Cheap Caribbean Affordable, Yet Cool, Caribbean Accommodations.
And, most of all, read on. The resorts below are among Spot Cool Stuff’s favorite affordable Caribbean digs. Each has rooms in the high season for less—and in some cases much less—than $150 a night . . .

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Berlin’s Best Hotel Deal Is Behind a Billboard

Some billboards advertise hotels. In Berlin, there is a billboard that IS a hotel.

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Woodlyn Park: Three Unusual Hotels In One

Not content to play host to merely one of the world’s unusual hotels Woodlyn Park, on New Zealand’s North Island, has three!

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