Arte Luise Kunsthotel

Your average high design hotel starts out as sterile property before having an artistic aspect added to it. Berlin’s Arte Luise Kunsthotel began as an artistic compound before having a hotel added it.

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Hotel Fox

It is amazing what a little personal attention can do. The folks at the Fox Hotel took an ordinary property, albeit an ordinary property well located in central Copenhagen, and set about making each of their 61 rooms artistic and individual. The result is a hotel with a collection of rooms that look like they could form an exhibit at the MoMA. We are fans of the Fox Hotel though wouldn’t necessarily choose to stay here for more than a night or two — the decor often tends to favor looking cool over being functional and many of the rooms are cramped. The hotel itself rates room from “extra large” to “small” but in making your selection you’d be wise to think of them as “medium” to “really tiny.” Our favorite rooms are #306, large, almost all-white and like sleeping in a cloud, and room #121, which is rather small but has a woodsy theme and a tent over the bed.


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Edison Bar

LA’s first power plant is one of its latest hot spots. When The Edison Bar moved into a 1910 building near Harlem Place Alley in downtown L.A. it left much of the infrastructure there intact, including the original boiler, power turbines and much of the piping. Around that industrial facade went mood lighting, low-slung bar, atmospheric dance floor and lots of plush nook for eating, socializing and romancing. The result is beyond cool. Come prepared to stand in line and dress to impress — bouncers won’t let you in wearing hats, sneakers or athletic wear.


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Woodlyn Park: Three Unusual Hotels In One

Not content to play host to merely one of the world’s unusual hotels Woodlyn Park, on New Zealand’s North Island, has three!

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Peanut Butter & Co.

And what exactly “accompanies” peanut butter? How about more types of milk than most cows would even consider possible? They serve soy, rice and Lactaid milk here at this dinner that specializes in variations of PB and J. The drinks here are all non-alcohol so while diners won’t have to worry about pairing their Nutella with the right wine, choosing the appropriate beverage for tongue-stuck-to-roof-of-mouth- syndrome is of the essence. The very small place is fun if nothing else, and you’re sure to be in and out in a “jiffy.”


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