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Flash Sale: $19 a Night at an All-Inclusive Caribbean Resort?!

It’s the sort of sale headline that seems way too good to be true: $19 per night at an all-inclusive Caribbean beach resort!

That’s the travel deal the cool website Cheap Caribbean is offering for the next three days. $19 a night! That’s with food, drink, accommodations and activities included at the Lifestyle Tropical Beach Resort & Spa in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic.

But what’s the catch? you are surely asking.

Is the deal only for specific dates that are already sold out?

Does the included food and drink consist entirely of pretzels and water?

To qualify for the deal do I first have to survive a night in a haunted house?

The answers to those last three questions are no, no and no respectively. Cheap Caribbean’s latest flash sale truly is remarkable. But, as you do doubt suspect, Dear Reader, it also not quite as great as it seems. Here’s Spot Cool Stuff’s take on the good and bad of it:

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Cool Resort Flash Deals
For Booking In Late June

It’s the high season for trans-Atlantic flights, but for those in North America there are air deals to be had to Asia, the Caribbean and around the United States.

There are resort discounts to be had too. Here’s a selection of nine of them, including cool deals from flash deal websites SniqueAway and Jetsetter. Most of these deal have to be booked before the end of June (if not sooner) but allow of stays throughout the summer.

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SniqueAway on a Hotel Flash Deal

Flash deals—steep discounts offered for brief periods of time—are now the “in” thing online. The trend really caught on with Groupon (a Spot Cool Stuff favorite) and then spread to all sorts of competitors and specialty sites. We’re working on an overview of the best of them for our cool websites review blog. But there’s one website offering flash hotel and resort deals that we didn’t want to wait to write about: Snique Away.

Technically access to the site is “invitation only,” though that seems designed more to create an aura of exclusivity than it does to keep people out. Simply click on this link to get an invite through us.

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Hertz Matching Any Rental Car Rate This Month

We write the following without any sponsorship or apart from any financial incentives:

Hertz is one of our favorite rental car companies.

Well, not so much some of their franchises (especially in Africa, the Caribbean and Central America) that use the Hertz name but seem to operate independently of Hertz standards. But in the United States, Canada and Europe Hertz consistently offers excellent cars and runs a fruitful loyalty program. At their airport locations, Hertz also tends to have the most convenient check-in counters and vehicle drop-off points—if you’re an experienced airport car renter you’ve probably noticed this.

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One Price For All You Can Jet in September

Spot Cool Stuff is about things that make you go WOW! The thing could be a product, a place, a design, a website, a song—or a sale. And the latest sale from cool low cost carrier JetBlue made us go WOW!

The sale is dubbed AYCJ. That’s All You Can Jet. And it allows passengers to do exactly that: To travel where ever they like on the JetBlue network, practically as much as they like between Sept 7th 2010 and October 6th, for a single fixed rate.

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Spotting July ‘10 Travel Deals

If you are longing to get away from the heat — or to find it — Spot Cool Stuff has a collection of awesome airfare discounts, holiday deals and high-value all-inclusive vacations.

To see the latest:

• go directly to our vacation deals page;

• or get a Kindle subscription to our travel blog;

• or subscribe to our RSS feed and get all of our travel posts delivered directly to your email inbox or to your RSS aggregator;

or — why not? — act on all three of those options.

Most of these sales are good for the whole of July 2010 but all expire at some point. So act quickly if you see a deal that matches your travel desires.

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June Travel Gear Deals

Normally our travel deals and discount posts relay sale prices on airline tickets, all-inclusive resorts, cruises and the like. But today we are concentrating on the stuff you’ll need to travel on airlines, to stay at resorts and to enjoy cruises.

As ever, you can get the latest from Spot Cool Stuff by subscribing to our RSS feed and having our travel articles delivered directly to your email inbox or to your RSS aggregator.

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Spotting May 2010 Travel Bargains

Every month Spot Cool Stuff selects travel bargains for our readers. Here’s our collection for May 2010. As ever, you can see our latest bargains by . . .

• going directly to our travel hot deals page;

• or, getting a Kindle subscription to our travel blog;

• or, perhaps best of all, subscribing to our RSS feed and get all of our travel posts delivered directly to your email inbox or to your RSS aggregator;

or—why not?—act on all three of those options.

Please note that all of the offers below are for a limited time. And with that, here’s to happy, high-value travel!

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