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High Design Passport Holder

Ruggedness and smart design meet in this passport holder from the Norwegian online store Dansk Design. The sleek stainless steel exterior keeps a passport safe from harm. But what’s really cool is the card slot — it’s located at the top of the passport holder making it easy to slide out your ID or credit card.

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Backpack <—> Scooter

In The Transformers robots from a distant planet mutate themselves into cars and then back into robots. That’s science fiction. But here’s something that’s real: the Bergmönch, a backpack that can transform into a scooter and then transform back again.

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Cool Backpacks For Photographers

We bring our camera with us almost everywhere when we travel. So, almost everywhere we travel, we need a backpack that is protective to our camera and comfortable to us. And our backpack must to be built to endure the rigors of road. And we’d like it to look cool. And, oh yeah, maybe our backpack should have a paddled sleeve for our laptop?

After testing out most of the leading camera backpacks here are the four we’ve found to be the best:

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Backpack, Meet Wheels.
Wheels, Backpack.

This post has been updated—see our new review of the Osprey Meridian (and Sojourn) Wheeled Backpack Convertibles.

space Backpack, Meet Wheels. <br>Wheels, Backpack.

In the comments section of our recent overview of cool gifts for travelers, Cate, blogger extraordinaire over at The Caffeinated Traveler, saw our inclusion of the Osprey Meridian Wheeled Backpack and exclaimed “I knew there had to be something out there for my travel needs!”

Cate is not alone in those sentiments.

When headed on a multi-day hike then obviously you bring a backpack. When going on a business trip a wheeled bag is ideal. But what if your trip is something between those? Or a combination of both? Perhaps you are headed on an adventurous trip to Thailand, wanting a backpack to roam across beaches and through mountain jungles but wanting a wheeled bag to navigate the airport and to arrive at Bangkok’s Metropolitan Hotel for a luxury stop at the end of your trip.

For flashpackers, for urban explorers and for anyone who has faced a tough choice between bringing a backpack on a trip and bringing a wheeled bag your luggage of choice is: the Osprey Meridian. Backpack, Meet Wheels. <br>Wheels, Backpack.

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Have Wine Will Travel

If you are heading to the Napa Valley or Bordeaux or the wineries of around Cape Town, or perhaps you are going to a picnic or outdoor concert, here are some ways for transporting and chilling your wine Spot Cool Stuff style:

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Seal Line: Computer Sleeve

We travel a lot, and bring our laptop everywhere we go, so the new Seal Line computer sleeves are godsend for us. What’s great isn’t really the extra padding these sleeves provide (although that’s nice too) but the excellent water and sound resistant qualities. Plus, the sleeve culminate in a handle, so this is a sleeve you can use sans or avec laptop case. Available in small, medium and large sizes. $54.95.


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