Sponsored Video:
Win a Trip to Chaos Island

Sponsored Video: <br>Win a Trip to Chaos Island

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Want to visit the Caribbean, all expenses paid? Lynx—a brand of men’s grooming products known as Axe outside of Ireland, the UK and Australia—is giving away seven trips to a party on “Chaos Island.”

To win, participants race to solve clues that are part of a sort of online scavenger hunt. Six different races will be unlocked between August 12th and September 1st 2012. The winner of each race gets a free trip for themselves and a friend. The seventh trip goes to a lucky someone who doesn’t win, but successfully completes, at least one of the six races.

The video below sets it all up in dramatic fashion:

space Sponsored Video: <br>Win a Trip to Chaos Island

space Sponsored Video: <br>Win a Trip to Chaos Island

As with nearly any race of any sort, getting off to a fast start is key. So if you are serious about winning we’d suggest refreshing the Lynx Chaos Island Facebook page the instant a race begins. Clues also also revealed via Twitter—tweet using the hashtag #chasethechaos.

So where exactly is this mysterious Chaos Island? And might figuring that out be part of solving the clues?

Lynx has identified the island as being in the Caribbean. And we’ve noticed that top British surfer Sophie Hellyer is hosting the race videos. And that leads us to think that Chaos Island is a surfing locale.

Among the cool spots to hang ten in the Caribbean:

Barbados — The coral stone island nation has arguably the best collection of surfing spots in the Caribbean. Swells approach from different directions at different times of year. When the waves come from the north, the waters near the beach village of Bathsheba known as “The Soup Bowl” draws surfers from around the world.

Rincón, Puerto Rico — The waves that roll up onto Puerto Rico’s northwestern coast are consistent and gently rolling. That makes the area in general, and the laid-back municipality of Rincón in particular, an ideal place for beginners to learn surfing.

Tortola — The largest of the British Virgin Islands is an under rated surfing destination. Bring your board to Cane Garden or Apple Bay between November and March for the best surfing.

To be clear, Spot Cool Stuff has absolutely no insider information about this Lynx promotion. We don’t know if the so-named Chaos Island is near any of those three surfing destinations. But we do know this: If you don’t win the Lynx giveaway, treating yourself to a trip to one of those three Caribbean surf spots would make for a really good consolation prize.

published: 17 Aug 2012
space Sponsored Video: <br>Win a Trip to Chaos Island


This post has been sponsored by Lynx

lightgrey Sponsored Video: <br>Win a Trip to Chaos Island

space Sponsored Video: <br>Win a Trip to Chaos Island
lightgrey Sponsored Video: <br>Win a Trip to Chaos Island
space Sponsored Video: <br>Win a Trip to Chaos Island

lynx chaos island Sponsored Video: <br>Win a Trip to Chaos Island follow me on pinterest button Sponsored Video: <br>Win a Trip to Chaos Island

space Sponsored Video: <br>Win a Trip to Chaos Island

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