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Spotting Cool Stuff in Jamaica

Spot Cool Stuff is currently reporting live from Jamaica. It’s a tough assignment, we know. But we stand willing to risk horrible sun burns, potent rum drinks and dangerously rhythmic reggae to bring cool Caribbean travel ideas to our readers.

This trip will be the first we’ll make with an i-gotU GPS Data Logger, a surprisingly small and simple gadget that not only tracks the route of one’s travels but also geo-codes photos. See below to see exactly where we are right now!

space Spotting Cool Stuff in Jamaica

Update: Spot Cool Stuff’s trip to Jamaica is over. But our trip reviews live on. Click on the titles, below:

space Spotting Cool Stuff in JamaicaPOST TITLE PUBLICATION DATE
Beach Cottages For Getting Your Groove Back published!
The Dunn River Beautiful, Crowded Waterfall published!
The Jamaica Caves Where Celebrities Hang Out published!
3 Hilltop Hotels with Wonderful Views Upon Jamaica published!
A Comparison of the Sandals Resorts in Jamaica published!

white Spotting Cool Stuff in Jamaica

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Spend a Night as a Jungle Castaway in Dominica

The Bamboo Treehouse is not the only place to sleep at the Rosalie Forest Eco-Lodge on the Caribbean island-country of Dominica. Guests can also choose to stay in a self contained cottage or in one of several cabins. There’s a secluded area where campers can pitch a tent. The lodge can arrange a local home stay too.

But of all those accommodations options the Bamboo Treehouse is the coolest.

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Cruise Deals for February & March, 2010

It seems there are always cruise deals of some sort to be found. But with the industry trying to jumpstart travel as the world economy rebounds, there are some especially good cruise deals to be found right now.

Here’s our selection of a few sales on cruises to the Bahamas, to the Caribbean and to Europe. As always, you can see our latest collection of discounts by visiting our travel deals archive or subscribing to our RSS feed.

Please note: All of the offers below are valid for a limited time only. In fact, all require booking before the end of March 2010 at the latest, though most allow for travel after that.

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The Amazing Bioluminescent Bay

The bay’s superlative bioluminescence comes thanks in part to the 17th-century Spanish explorers

None of the photographs on this post are the product of PhotoShop manipulation. So what’s the blue luminescence you see around these swimmers and kayakers? That’s the result of the natural properties of Puerto Rico’s Laguna Grande.

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The World’s 6 Coolest-Looking Bookstores

So how do you create a three-story bookstore in a cathedral when you can’t drill any holes into the building or attach anything load-bearing to its walls?

Usually a store is just a store. But a few stores are attractions in and of themselves. So it is with these six incredibly cool-looking bookstores. Next you are in Maastricht, Beijing, Porto, Buenos Aires, Paris or Mexico City, add these stores to your list of must-see attractions—even if you don’t plan on buying a book.

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An American Werewolf in . . . Cozumel?

All work and no play makes Dracula a dull vampire

This January the Carnival Liberty will set sail on a special Fangs and Fur Cruise. But if you imagine this is an opportunity for you and your four-legged companion to take to the high seas—a sort of Rover + You + the Love Boat—you are off. Way off.

The fangs in question belong to a vampire. The fur belongs to a werewolf. And the cruise’s target audience is literally literary—it is for aspiring authors of the gothic genre.

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Negril’s Affordable, Unlikely, Resort

We’re not sure what the antithesis of a freewheeling Caribbean beach experience would be, but a faux European castle has to come close. Yet, somehow, those two opposites successfully come together in the unlikely Blue Cave Castle Resort.

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Cool Caribbean: Dominica

Many people, even those well-traveled, have never heard of the rugged, tropical nation of Dominica. Tourism does not dominate here in the way it does many other small Caribbean islands where development often crowds out ecological concerns. Much of Dominica is green, wild and untouched. No wonder Dominica was chosen as the filming location for the “remote feeling” outdoor scenes of Pirates Of the Caribbean.

If you are looking for a Caribbean destination with magnificent diving, fantastic hiking and lush jungles, you should choose Dominica too. The natural beauty of this place makes it one of Spot Cool Stuff’s favorite island nations. Spend some time here and you’ll come away wondering why more people haven’t heard of this paradise.

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