Luggage That Moves You

Luggage That Moves You

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What do you get when you cross a travel bag with a kid’s scooter?

That question isn’t the set-up for a (likely terrible) joke. It’s what Samsonite, a century-old luggage company, and Micro Mobility, a European scooter specialist, asked themselves when they sought to develop a carry-on bag with built-in mobility.

The result of the companies’ three-year collaboration: the Samsonite Micro Suitcase Scooter.

 Luggage That Moves You
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space Luggage That Moves You

The luggage portion of the Suitcase Scooter — or “scootcase,” if you will — is a hardback that holds 26 liters of stuff. It has three separate compartments including a padded laptop bag. When the scooter board is up, the suitcase functions like a nice, but otherwise typical, wheeled bag. We especially appreciate the comfortable grip on the ergonomic handle (see pic, below).

What’s really cool about the Samsonite Micro Suitcase Scooter is only clear when a board with a third wheel is lowered. That’s when this hybrid piece of luggage doubles as a scooter. Put one foot on the board, push off on the ground with the other foot and zip around the airport.

micro suitecase scooter review s Luggage That Moves You follow me on pinterest button Luggage That Moves You The Samsonite Micro Suitcase Scooter fits in the overhead compartment of most jetliners and is security-checkpoint compliant, so you can ride all the way to your gate. It will support a rider up to 100kg (220 lbs).

If you are a serious skateboarder, or an aspiring X-Games participant, you may find the ride offered by the Suitcase Scooter to be less-than-thrilling. (Although, if you are able to glide down handrails, you’ll find many opportunities for doing so at an airport). The Suitcase Scooter doesn’t have any brakes. Steering is done entirely by shifting balance; when riding behind a static load of shoes and souvenirs steering gets a little tricky. Though the

Still, the Suitcase Scooter can cut down on the time it takes to get between airport gates. Scooting around can be a fun, and head-turning, way to occupy time before your flight. And if you are Marty McFly—or wish to be—you can rip off the handle, grab the back of an airport go-cart and get pulled along.

So move around your old luggage on your next trip. Or get a Samsonite Micro Suitcase Scooter (US$300) and travel with a piece of luggage that moves you.

updated: 20 Sept 2012
space Luggage That Moves You


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space Luggage That Moves You


  1. Blunt Scooter Bars says:

    A perfect way to have fun in the airport while waiting for your flight, let’s just hope that the security or other airport personnel won’t stop or question your behavior.

    [Reply to this comment]

  2. Larry says:

    That’s a really cool luggage design. I could just picture a busy airport with everyone cruising around on their luggage. This is something I would buy so thanks for the review of this luggage.

    [Reply to this comment]

  3. Trevor says:

    So. Very. Awesome!

    [Reply to this comment]

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