The Benidorm Beer Bike Tour

The Benidorm Beer Bike Tour

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Go on holiday to Benidorm and chances are you’ll spend much of your time in the resort city on Spain’s Costa Blanca lounging around and drinking beer. So why not spend a bit of time getting some exercise — and drinking beer. That’s what’s on offer with Benibike, an unusual sort of pub crawl during which you power the transportation and your hosts provide the drinks.

It works like this:

Gather together a group of 6 to 18 of your mates and arrange for a tour time.

At the appointed hour, you’ll all meet up at a designated spot along Ave Madrid, in central Benidorm just off the beach. That’s where your ride will be waiting. The Benibike is an open air vehicle powered by its passengers, a bit like the cars in The Flintstones except, instead of running your feet along the road, you’ll use them to pedal. This being a beer tour, your designated driver will be a Benibike staff member.

As you make your way along the streets of Benidorm, techno music will blare from your Benibike. Tour participants tend to spend more time dancing while sitting on their bicycle seat than they do pedaling. It all creates quite a scene. Go on a Benibike tour and you will be gawked at.

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benibike benidorm spain travel s The Benidorm Beer Bike TourAs for the beer, those are imbibed at three pub stops:

Grill House — a steakhouse with a festive drinking atmosphere despite the sub-optimal food.

Far West — a superb American western saloon with live country music; it’s the sort of place that looks like it should have a mechanical bull and play host to gun duels (but doesn’t).

Lazy Cow — a karaoke beach bar, mostly sedate during the day but can get rather wild at night.

The Benibike tour lasts about 90 minutes from start to finish. It costs €15 per person, which includes one pint of beer at each of the three pub stops. The distance that’s (slowly!) biked during the entire tour is only about 2km. But if even that’s too much for you consider snagging a spot on the bench in the rear of the Benibike — drinkers who sit there don’t even have to pedal.

published: 22 April 2014
space The Benidorm Beer Bike Tour


benibike benidorm holiday travel 2 575x357 The Benidorm Beer Bike Tour

space The Benidorm Beer Bike Tour

Planning your Benibike tour

When: Tours start between noon and 11p on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

If you go: Benibike has had some issues with their website booking, so we suggest calling in your reservation. Tel. 672 222 250.

Family friendly? Very much not! All participants must be 18 or older.

For your bookshelf: Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. Living the dream…in Benidorm!

space The Benidorm Beer Bike Tour

benibike benidorm spain travel 1 The Benidorm Beer Bike Tour

space The Benidorm Beer Bike Tour

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